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Graphite parts for coreless induction and blast furnaces Print E-mail
The main part of coreless induction furnaces which can be machined from graphite block is crucible. With our own raw material base we are capable to provide crucibles of upto 1 MT capacities. The bigger bath volumes to be considered on demand. And the Blast furnace construction is almost fully made from carbon and graphite. The typical height of a blast furnace is 20 – 30 m with a diameter of 15 m. The wall-thickness ranges from 0.5 m to 1.2 m. The load capacity is 300 – 1000 m3. Modern blast furnaces can produce up to 11.000 metric tons of iron per day. Due to the high temperatures and the reducing atmosphere carbon products are used for the coating of the inner walls of the blast furnaces. The life time of the inner walls is about 10 years. After this period the furnace has to be coated again completely. Different parts of the furnace need furnace linings of different quality and grade of graphitization.
The production of these furnace linings is in principle similar to the production of electrodes and anodes.
The small tolerances for the dimensions and the individual shape of each furnace lining make high demands on the experience of the producer. Before being shipped to the customer the furnace linings are mounted on a special joggling plate in order to check whether the joint between the furnace linings fulfils the tolerance for a maximum of the gap of 0.2 mm.


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